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have technical skills but teeth in Vietnam?

have technical skills but teeth in Vietnam?,  prevent bone loss in the tooth Implants act as a root, supporting the crown, bridges and dentures, separate functions do not depend on the adjacent teeth so Implant will not hurt any teeth. next door Implanted teeth lasting for up to 20 years, if you take care of the teeth carefully, the implant can last a lifetime. Before implanting, you will be examined by the dentist as well as the position of the implant. Then the patient has X-rays of the jaw, CBCT OP300 technology is capable of multi-layer imaging, while five panoramic images help the physician determine the structure of the teeth, teeth and tissue. Results for patients seen after treatment. And it is best to take tartar to deep clean the surface and the tooth edges. If so, the new gums close to cling to the teeth better. Light level:

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What is transplanted sinus implants? 

After missing teeth for 6-12 months, if implant dentures are not added immediately, the bone cavity will be permanently eradicated. In cases where there is insufficient bones for implantation, bone grafting is a complementary solution to the administration of artificial bone to the bone marrow or widespread infection. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

The purpose of the sinus lift is to facilitate bone grafting in the posterior maxillary jaw (to increase the height of the jawbone) and the bone (the body itself, the artificial jaw) to be inserted into the jaw bone. These two operations performed at the same time should be referred to as sinus surgery.

How will the bone grafting procedure take place? vietnam dentist prices

With modern dental techniques, for those cases where the bone has been removed, it is necessary to lift the sinus bone before implant surgery. The time to lift the sinus and bone grafts will be very rapid, less than 30 minutes for the whole process, then the doctor will implant right after. The process includes:

Carrying out bone grafts: Artificial bone or bone grafting to compensate for missing bone nha khoa ident

Implant: Implant insertion into the bone immediately after the bone grafting (sinus lift) or wait 3 to 6 months to achieve better bone integration (open sinus surgery), the doctor will perform. Implant transplant to the position of lost teeth.

Porcelain dental implant: Next 3-6 months, when the implant pier has been solid, doctors will restorate porcelain teeth above the implant cylinder. nha khoa trồng răng implant

The teeth after a complete restoration will have color, shape, function as a real tooth and survive almost permanently with time. Sign up for a consultation today to plan your lost tooth here.

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