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but will add more useful features soon teeth dental implant, not using dental floss can also increase bacteria in the teeth and gradually make teeth turn yellow.In order to overcome this situation, in addition to reasonable planning to brush and care for teeth, you should also limit the foods and stimulants harmful to teeth such as coffee, cigarettes Besides going to dentists For bleaching, it is possible to “turn” yellow stained teeth unexpectedly white with only the following tips. Let’s check it out!Vegetable oil has a very good effect

transplant will affect the structure of the jaw.Women should not perform implant surgery while pregnant, but it is best to wait after birth. When the implant will have to use X-rays, some drugs and psychology may be slightly stressful and periodontal disease also increased this period will affect the fetus and transplant results. After implant surgery, women can still get pregnant when waiting trồng răng implant

for prosthesis on their teeth with methods that require 3 months – 1 year of prosthesis.Patients with diabetes are not well controlled, so they should not perform implant surgery because of their ability to heal slowly and become easily infected. If the patient takes adequate medication and controls well the blood sugar level, he can still have dental implants.People with leukemia, hyperparathyroidism trồng răng implant

abnormal activity of the parathyroid gland people who are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer, kidney failure, impaired immune system or artificial heart valves also affect Results of implant treatment.Patients with mental disorders who are undergoing treatment or who experience severe emotional stress should not have implant implants. The cause of their morale has been trồng răng implant

stressed and dental implant therapy can make them more stressful and unbearable. Therefore, patients should consult their doctor before transplanting.The rate of failed implant surgery in drug addicts is 10% higher than non-smokers. Tobacco prevents the healing of bone graft, reduces bone firmness as well as the risk of open wounds, infections or bone resorption. herefore, the doctor dental implants

advises patients to quit 2 – 4 weeks before transplanting and 4-6 weeks after the implant.Because the bone is not thick enough, the implant column cannot be tightly attached to the jaw bone to keep the implant teeth strong.dentist prices


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